How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Are you in need of some picnic food ideas that will make eating outdoors a fun, flavorful, and safe experience? Here are some picnic food recipes, including sandwich recipes for a picnic, healthy salad recipes and picnic dessert recipes.

Sandwich recipes for a picnic:

When dining outside, the ideal sandwich is light, refreshing and easy to both make and eat! May we suggest an Asian inspired California Sushi Wrap to bring new flavors to your picnic this summer. If you are a tuna lover, add an Italian kick by using pesto as the combining condiment instead of mayonnaise. Even better, put this picnic sandwich between a toasted English muffin instead of the normal sliced bread. As a vegetarian option, a Hummus Vegetable Sandwich is the perfect picnic food. The simple flavors and the crunch of the cucumbers and carrots stacked on this sandwich are sure to please.

Healthy salad recipes for a picnic:

Aside from sandwiches, salads of all kinds work as ideal picnic foods. This summer, try mixing flavors and add them to your picnic menu. Instead of the traditional green salad, shake things up! Make a Peach and Tomato Salad by tossing peaches, tomatoes and olive oil together. This recipe will be sure to please even the simple salad eater.

Picnic dessert recipes:

Not everyone will prefer some of the more adventurous recipes that you want to prepare for your next picnic. But don't give up on creativity! Try dessert recipes that place some even the least adventurous traditional meals in new forms. If you know someone who loves peanut butter and jelly, try making PB&J Bars. Spread your favorite jam between two peanut butter pastry layers and bake. The result is a tasty treat that everyone will love.

How to pack picnic foods:

When dining outdoors during the warm months, keeping your family safe is key. In order to do this you must keep your picnic foods safe to eat. Start by preparing your picnic dishes with plenty of time before your outing and keep them refrigerated in shallow containers until it is time to go. Perishable foods should then be placed in coolers at 40 degrees F, raw meats and seafood should be packed at the bottom. Use a separate cooler for drinks. The cooler should be carried in an air conditioned car. Do not place coolers in the trunk. Once you have found the perfect spot for your picnic, ensure that your cooler is in a shady area. Do not leave perishable foods out for more than two hours, be sure to place them back in the cooler or a refrigerator if need be.

Check out the video playlist above for more picnic food ideas, ways to pack your picnic meals, and some fun picnic accessory ideas.

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