How to Never Eat Bad Food Again While Traveling

How to Never Eat Bad Food Again While Traveling
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How to Never Eat Bad Food Again While Traveling

Read on to discover great ideas for foods to pack for summer travel.

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When you're flying, you're inevitably going to have a somewhat extended journey to your destination, between getting to the airport and waiting on security lines. Depending on the length of your flight, you may be given a meal on board, or it might be just a snack. Regardless, it's nice to have an option at the ready should you get hungry (or want an alternative to what they're serving).

Read on for foods you may want to bring with you if you're traveling by air.

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1. A hearty sandwich

If you're going to be in the air during meal time, it's nice to have something filling with you. Making a hearty sandwich on a baguette or another type of hard roll will ensure that it doesn't get soggy if you use condiments like mustard or dressing. Plus, you can eat sandwiches with your hands, which is great on the go.

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2. Grain salads

This may not be the first food that comes to mind when it comes to travel, but grain or legume salads with a quinoa or lentil base are a great healthy, portable option. Because this type of salad isn't lettuce-based, you don't risk opening a container of wilted lettuce. (Just remember to pack portable flatware if you're planning on eating it before you get on the plane!)

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3. Granola bars

If you're looking for something that's less of a meal and more of a snack, granola bars are always a great option. They're filling, and if you make them yourself, you can feel good about eating them because you'll know every ingredient that's in there!

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4. Breads and muffins

Foods like banana bread or whole-grain muffins are also nice when you're on the go. You can wrap them up easily in aluminum foil or a plastic bag and toss them in your carry-on without having to worry if they'll go bad quickly.

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5. Nuts and dried fruit

If you're looking for a smaller snack you can nibble on throughout the day, you may want to consider packing a bag filled with healthy nuts and dried fruit. Making your own spin on trail mix will prevent you from buying anything at the airport, and like the granola bars mentioned earlier, you'll know the exact ingredients you're consuming.

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If you're taking a road trip this summer, you're going to want snacks. It can be fun to make stops along your journey, but that might not be realistic for every moment hunger strikes. Because you're in a car, there's the option to bring a cooler along for refrigeration—which makes the snack possibilities even greater.

Read on for foods you may want to pack before you get on the road.

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1. Veggies and dips

Snacking on chips is tempting, but you'll feel better pulling out a container of vegetables and hummus instead. You can put the hummus (or whichever dip you choose) at the bottom of a container, and store the chopped up vegetables like carrots, celery and peppers upright on top of it for easy dipping!

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2. Hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs are packed with protein to keep you full longer, which makes them a great snack when you get hungry on the road. Just be sure to peel them before you leave for your trip to avoid a mess once you're inside the car.

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3. Fresh fruit

Fruit is always a good snack, whether you're traveling or otherwise! Rinse fresh berries in the container they come in so you can easily store them on your trip.

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4. Cheese and crackers

If you cut up your favorite firm cheeses and pop them in a cooler before you get on the road, you'll have an easy and satisfying snack to grab throughout your ride.

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5. Yogurt

Because it comes in individual packs, yogurt is easy to distribute to hungry family members in the car. If you bring along some dried fruit and nuts, you can toss those in there too! (Just don't forget plastic spoons.)

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Summer isn't just a time for barbecues and picnics. When you're not attending or hosting those types of gatherings locally, you're probably planning on traveling. While it's easy to just pack up the essentials you'll need during your vacation, like clothes and toiletries, you may be forgetting some other necessities. What about what you need in transit, while you're on the plane or in the car? Whether it's an hour-long flight or a days-long road trip across the U.S., you're likely to get hungry at one point or another during your journey. To avoid any disappointment that might come from digging around in your carry-on only to find a questionably old stick of gum, it's better to be prepared when those waves of hunger hit.

Since most of the snacks you can buy at rest stops or at the airport may not be as healthy as you'd like, it's a great idea to pack your own. You can satisfy your hunger without breaking your pre-vacation diet. We've gathered some ideas for foods you should add to your packing list, whether you're traveling by air or by road. From hearty sandwiches to salads and veggies with dip, there are ways to get a little more creative with your snacks than just tossing a pack of trail mix in your bag (but don't worry, that's on this list too).

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