How Much Peanut Butter and Jelly do Americans Really Eat?

How Much Peanut Butter and Jelly do Americans Really Eat?
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How Much Peanut Butter and Jelly do Americans Really Eat?

How many people prefer strawberry jelly to grape? What about creamy vs. crunchy? We've got the answers.

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Creamy vs. Crunchy

Creamy peanut butter reigns supreme with 52% of Americans favoring this texture over crunchy.

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Bread Type

Whole wheat is the most popular with 31%, multi-grain in second with 29% and white in third with 19%.

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Cut vs. Whole

It is a split! Half of Americans like their PB&Js sliced, while half prefer to eat them whole.

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Strawberry vs. Grape Jelly

The two popular spreads were equally beloved by Americans.

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Crust vs. No Crust

An overwhelming number of Americans (79%) prefer PB&Js with the crust on. Only 21% like to go crust-less.

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Toasted vs. Untoasted

Untoasted is most popular with 60% of Americans in favor.

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How Often Is PB&J Eaten?

When asked how many times a month you eat PB&J, 54% of Americans responded 1 to 5 times, 12% said 6 to 10 times, 6% said 11-15 times and 6% responded more than 15 times a month! That's a PB&J every other day!

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To celebrate National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day on April 2, Welch's PB&J Snacks released a survey about Americans' preferences on their peanut butter & jelly sandwich. We've got the compelling results.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how many people prefer strawberry jelly to grape, creamy peanut butter to crunchy and how much PB&J Americans really eat.

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