How a Miracle Diet Saved a Man's Life

How a Miracle Diet Saved a Man's Life
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Most people look at a diet as a means to lose weight, but some have stumbled upon a diet that actually saved them from a crippling disease. Food blogger Russ Crandall (aka The Domestic Man) did just that. At just 24, Crandall suffered a stroke. "It just came out of nowhere," said Crandall. "I was a healthy guy and all of the sudden the left side of my body wasn't working."

While he regained control of his left half in just three weeks, a year later, in 2006, Crandall was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Takayasu's Arteritis, and for the next three years felt helpless. "I thought, 'I'm never going to be healthy again, I'm going to be weak and tired all the time; there is nothing I can do,'" he recalls. "I can just sit here and take these pills until the pills get the best of me, because a lot [them] were really bad for my liver, so it was pretty tough."

Then, by a stroke of luck, Crandall discovered a way out: the Paleo diet.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how the Paleo diet saved his life, how many medications Crandall was able to stop taking because of the diet and more about his incredible story.