How to Make Perfect Gravy

How to Make Perfect Gravy
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How to Make Perfect Gravy

Whisk your thickener (like flour or cornstarch) into a small amount of broth or water before adding it to your gravy. Adding your thickener directly into the gravy can cause gooey lumps that are hard to mix in.

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Use a whisk! It’s the best tool to distribute ingredients quickly and evenly.

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How to troubleshoot lumps? Lumps can be difficult to get rid of. The most effective way is to strain the gravy through a fine sieve and return it to the pan to continue cooking; then if you want it thicker, use the thickening method described above.

Here are our 4 steps to making perfect pan gravy:

Step 1: After removing the turkey from the roasting pan, pour any pan juices and fat into a large glass measuring cup and place in the freezer so the fat rises to the top; this takes about 10 minutes. Skim the fat off with a spoon and discard. Add any accumulated juices from the resting turkey to the defatted pan juices; add enough chicken broth (or other stock) so the combined liquids measure about 5 cups total.

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Step 2: Set the roasting pan over two burners on medium-high heat. Add 3/4 cup deglazing liquid, such as white wine, vermouth or brandy; bring to a boil and cook, scraping up the browned bits from the pan, until the liquid is reduced. Add the 5 cups of liquid from Step 1. Increase the heat to high and return to a boil, whisking often and scraping up any remaining browned bits. Boil until reduced to about 2 3/4 cups, 8 to 12 minutes.

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Step 3: Combine 1/2 cup broth (or stock) and 1/4 cup all-purpose flour in a small bowl. Whisk the mixture into the roasting pan. Boil, whisking constantly, for 2 to 3 minutes.

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Step 4: Remove from the heat and pour the gravy through a fine sieve into a large measuring cup. Season to taste with herbs, salt and pepper, if desired.

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Keep reading for some of our favorite recipes with gravy.

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Oven-Fry Poutine With Mushroom Gravy

Poutine is a French-Canadian fast-food classic. Our lighter version features crispy oven-fried potatoes topped with just enough sharp cheese and a grease-free gravy that’s chock-full of fresh mushrooms.

Click here for the recipe: Oven-Fry Poutine With Mushroom Gravy

Chicken Smothered in Gravy

This satisfying riff on smothered pork chops calls for skinless chicken drumsticks, which have only slightly more fat than breasts, as well as more zinc and iron and tons more flavor.

Click here for the recipe: Chicken Smothered in Gravy

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Biscuits hot from the oven are smothered with a savory, creamy sausage gravy.

Click here for the recipe: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Beef Roast and Onion Gravy

Flavorful beef stock serves double-duty in this tasty recipe as it is used as a basting sauce for the roast and to make the savory onion-studded pan gravy.

Click here for the recipe: Beef Roast and Onion Gravy

Lemon-Herb Roast Chicken With Pan Gravy

Moist and juicy with a simple pan gravy, this savory roast chicken will be your go-to recipe when you want to make your family or guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Click here for the recipe: Lemon-Herb Roast Chicken With Pan Gravy

Basic Roasted Turkey Gravy

Here's a versatile and reliable recipe that uses just three ingredients to make a smooth and flavorful gravy. You can follow the recipe as written, but don't be afraid to be creative and add your own twist.

Click here for the recipe: Basic Roasted Turkey Gravy

Baked Chicken With Ham Gravy

Roast chicken gets hands-down delicious when it 's topped with a savory ham gravy that couldn't be easier to prepare.

Click here for the recipe: Baked Chicken With Ham Gravy


The most important thing about gravy is that it be lump-free. Perfect gravy is silky and smooth.

The secret to lump-free gravy? Check out the slideshow above for tips and a step-by-step guide to perfect gravy along with some of our favorite recipes.

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