How to Make the Perfect Brownie

How to Make the Perfect Brownie
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How to Make the Perfect Brownie

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1. Ingredients

"Unsalted butter is the best for baking because you can control the amount of salt used. I don't find that you have to use a super fancy type of butter — if you have it, use it, but it's not totally necessary."

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

2. Change It Up

Brownies are simple, but there are also a lot of little things you can do to make them different. Ima suggests changing how much Baker's chocolate you use (which has no sugar) or how much dark chocolate you use.

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

3. Prep Work

Ima likes to have her ingredients measured out and ready before she begins. Part of this process includes taking her eggs out of the refrigerator as she gets started so that they are at room temperature when the mixing begins.

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

4. Love Your Timer

Timers come in very handy when you have a lot going on. Ima usually sets her timer for five minutes before the brownies are supposed to be finished because you can always bake it for longer, but you can't go back in time.

Credit: Veer/valentine

5. Know Your Oven

It's really important to know your oven because there are cold and hot pockets. Does she recommend turning the pan halfway through the cooking time? Not unless you know that your oven has a cold corner.

Credit: Veer/Barney-Boggles

6. An Important Brownie-Making Rule

One thing that's important no matter what kind of brownie you're making is to not overmix; if you overwork the dough, the batter won't come out the same.

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

7. Toppings

Ima loves topping brownies with all sorts of treats, like chocolate pieces, marshmallows, or nuts. She says that you can mix the nuts right into the batter if you want them incorporated or press them on top of the pan right before you bake.

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

8. What Part of the Brownie Pan Do You Like?

This is one of her favorite questions to ask customers who come to the truck: “Corner, center, or side?” And it’s a great question to ask friends at home. They might think you're the best host/hostess ever!

Credit: Yasmin Fahr

9. Fun Ways to Eat Brownies

One thing Ima loves to do is slice the brownie in half horizontally to make an ice cream sandwich. You can eat it right away, or put it in the freezer and then slice it into little squares so there are bite-sized frozen sandwiches.

Credit: Anna Blessing

10. Most Importantly...

Have fun. If you bake something, people will love it because you made it. Try not to take the process too seriously, because whether its overbaked, underbaked, or too gooey, your friends and family will love it.

Credit: Glen Cormier


They seem so simple to make when compared to intricate and multi-step desserts, but there's definitely an art to making the perfect brownie. Whether you fall on the chewy, gooey, cakey, or dark chocolate side of things is a matter of personal preference, but making the best possible version is simply an art that you can learn to master.

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How? We wanted to know too, so we asked the popular Treats Truck owner, Kim Ima, for her tips and advice, plus recipes from her new Treats Truck cookbook.

She begins with the caveat that there's definitely "more than one kind of perfect brownie" and everyone has a special brownie that they love. While she loves every type of brownie, she usually prefers ones that are a little chewy and suggests adding one less egg than the recipe calls for.

Check out these brownie recipes on Kitchen Daily:

For more tips on making the best brownie you can, check out the slideshow above.

Happy baking!

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