How to Make Peep Cake Pops

How to Make Peep Cake Pops
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How to Make Peep Cake Pops

Making peep cake pops for Easter is as simple as it gets! Get ready to wow your kids, family and friends with these tasty treats!

Step 1

Start out by making cake pops as you normally would. Instead of creating a round shape, form the cake into "egg" shapes. Place on a tray and put in the freezer so they can set up.

Step 2

After the egg pops have set up in the freezer, prepare some melted chocolate -- you'll be dipping the pops into this.

Step 3

To get the Peep head, just snip off the top of a Peep with a scissors. Then, while the chocolate is still wet, attach the head by holding it gently but firmly against the cake pop for 30 seconds or so, then gently set pop in safe place to dry. I stuck my pops into a piece Styrofoam to dry, but I inserted them at a 45-degree angle to keep the Peep heads from sliding off.

Step 4

Once the cake pop has dried, you're left with the cutest little Peep, "peeping" his head out!


Want to try an Easter dessert that's a little off the beaten path? Then these Peep pops are for you -- it's almost like an Easter basket ran into your Easter cake! Who can resist those adorable little faces sticking out of "eggs" made of cake, especially when they're such perfect portions?

Some of you may have already made cake pops before (check out baking blogger Bakerella for inspiration!) but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try this project, even if you're a beginner, because it's really not as hard as it looks! You'll need a box of cake mix (or homemade batter), some frosting (store-bought or homemade), lollipop sticks, a piece of styrofoam (for poking the lollipop sticks into), white chocolate, and Peeps, of course.

To learn how to easily make Peep Cake Pops, Check out the slideshow above.

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