How to Make Oatmeal For Any Meal With Samantha Stephens

How to Make Oatmeal For Any Meal With Samantha Stephens
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How to Make Oatmeal For Any Meal With Samantha Stephens

Read on and get inspired by Samantha Stephens's simple ways to make oatmeal a versatile meal.

Oatmeal for Breakfast

"For breakfast, I would probably stick to something simple and healthy," Sam explains. "On my menu in the store, the Quatre Fruits Rouge is really good. It has strawberries, raspberries, dried cherries and dried currants with a little honey and a drizzle of almond milk on top. It’s a healthy way to start the day."

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Oatmeal for Lunch

"For lunch, I'd suggest something with a mix of savory and sweet ingredients. My Fig & Gorgonzola Bowl is great! It’s dried figs, gorgonzola cheese and has a little balsamic glaze. Or, the Devil Off Horseback—that’s almonds, bacon, dates, maple syrup and goat cheese. I love salty and sweet combinations! The mix of textures with oatmeal in these bowls is hearty and satisfying," says Sam.

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Oatmeal for Dinner

"For dinner, I would probably recommend the Truffle RisOaTto, of course. It's my personal favorite and can be taken to another level by adding some bacon! We have a Sun Dried Tomato, Pesto & Parmesan bowl—that is very, very good and a lot of people get that one very late in the day at the store," Sam explains.

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Oatmeal for a Snack

"For a snack, I would recommend the Peanut Butter Banana because I think as long as you’re not putting too, too much peanut butter on it, it can be pretty nutritious," says Sam. "We also offer almond butter as a topping as well."

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Oatmeal for Dessert

"For dessert, I’d definitely say something with chocolate . Chocolate works so well in oatmeal. Maybe the S’mores Bowl, which has these little graham cracker pieces, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and chocolate syrup. It's pretty awesome," Samantha explains.

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Oatmeal for Guilt-Free Dessert

"When the chocolate melts and it gets all gooey, it’s just wonderful.You feel like you’re doing something very sinful. It’s great because you can really do that to your oatmeal with a couple of chocolate chips, so you don’t really have to be that bad," Sam reveals.

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Oatmeal for a Dinner Party

"I really like this bowl that we’ve created called the Cheese Plate. It has diced manchego cheese, walnuts, figs and honey. It really looks like a little cheese plate. We served them at a desserts table we did for a large catering event in a little one bite cups. I imagine at a dinner party it could look really cute," says Sam.

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Oatmeal as a Side Dish

"I really think you can look at oatmeal as a side dish to accompany your chicken, fish or whatever you're eating. More and more I'm seeing chefs serving wheat berries, quinoa, farro, and even millet as accompaniments to meats. Oats can be used in exacty the same way. You can prepare it like you would a rice or risotto. I often make oatmeal in chicken stock instead of water. Then the oats have this wonderful chicken flavor, and you can just shave a little parmesan cheese and lemon zest on top," shares Sam. "You could make that a whole dinner in itself or just a side dish," Sam explains.


Given the surprising versatility of cooking with oats, it's no wonder OatMeals's founder Samantha Stephens eats oatmeal any time of day.

But Sam isn't just noshing on plain oatmeal. She adds gourmet ingredients, like cheese, figs and even bacon, to make delicious flavor combinations that satisfy appetites at all hours. To spread the word that oatmeal is perfect for every meal, Sam shares what surprising things can transform the breakfast staple into lunch, dinner or even dessert!

Check out the slideshow above for oatmeal inspiration and for tips to enjoy oatmeal for every meal.

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