How to Make Lovely Chocolate-Lace Lollipops

How to Make Lovely Chocolate-Lace Lollipops

Kids might be the ones begging for dessert after dinner, but that does not mean that sweets are solely child's play. It's actually not too hard to transform one beloved childhood classic into a tasteful grown-up treat. These chocolate-lace lollipops are pretty enough for a party, but tasty enough for anyone to enjoy! This treat is a signature dessert at the Bazaar by Jose Andres at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills.

To make these lollipops, start by melting chocolate. Then temper the chocolate, which simply means melting it at 40 degrees Celsius and then quickly lowering the temperature to 29 degrees. Tempering the chocolate helps to achieve the proper texture for the lollipops. It's typically shiny and smooth. Then spoon the chocolate into a plastic bag. Cut a small hole into the opening of the bag to gently squeeze out the chocolate.

Executive pastry chef Kriss Harvey uses a clear piece of acetate and a stencil to form the proper shape of the lollipop. Squeeze the chocolate into overlapping circles on the plastic. Make sure to give the dessert enough layers so that it doesn't break too easily. At the bottom of the lolly add a chocolate mound for the stick. Place the stick on the lollipop and then fasten it into place with more chocolate. Sprinkle edible pearls or white chocolate on top!

When the lollipops are set and shiny, they are ready to be enjoyed. Peel them off the plastic with a knife. It's okay if some of them break. Enjoy these as edible party favors!

Watch the video above to learn how to make chocolate-lace lollipops.