How to Make an Easy Grilled Chicken Salad

How to Make an Easy Grilled Chicken Salad

When the temperature heats up in the summer, it's typical to crave lighter meals. Heavy dishes like chili taste better in the cold, winter months anyway. Salads make for light and healthy dishes all summer long. It's a good thing that Chef Cari Martens has invented a flavorful and easy grilled chicken salad.

The best part about this salad is that it is endlessly versatile. Depending on the vegetables you happen to have around, your salad will always taste different and tasty. You can make this salad all summer long and try grilling various veggies like asparagus, bell pepper or onion.

This grilled chicken salad is the perfect light dish for lunch or dinner. You can even serve it at a barbecue for those looking for a healthier alternative to heavier foods. After marinating the chicken for an hour in lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and oil, stick it on the grill. Chef Cari also recommends using rosemary for extra flavor.

Not only is this dish easy and light, but it's healthy too. Chicken is a great source of lean protein and vegetables contain loads of vitamins, minerals and fiber for an extra boost of nutrients. Grilled veggies even make for their own great vegetarian barbecue.

Watch the video above to learn how to make the perfect grilled chicken salad.

Ingredients you'll need
lemon juice
salt and pepper
fresh garlic
rosemary or other fresh herbs
salad dressing