How to Make Chocolate Cream-Filled Donuts

How to Make Chocolate Cream-Filled Donuts

June 6th is National Donut Day! To fully honor the tasty creation, learn how to make donuts at home.

The most basic donut consists of fried dough and whichever kind of glaze you prefer. However, to celebrate Donut Day, why not try a cream-filled one? The video above demonstrates how to make a chocolate cream-filled and vanilla glazed donut with ease. Cream filled donuts don't have the typical donut hole in order to hold the tasty custard inside.

Once you've made your donut dough, you'll just need to make a cream filling and a glaze, which both look mouthwatering in their own right. Fill the donuts with the chocolate custard sauce and then cover them with the vanilla glaze. These cream-filled delights are sure to be a hit. Are you drooling yet?

Chocolate Cream Filling Ingredients
whole milk
egg yolks
vanilla extract or bean paste
corn starch
chocolate chips

Vanilla GlazeIngredients
vanilla extract
whole milk
powdered sugar