How to Make Candied Pansy Cupcakes

How to Make Candied Pansy Cupcakes

It may still be pretty cold outside, but we are already thinking about that springtime warmth and everything that comes with it—and we aren't the only ones! So is contributor Coryanne Ettiene. She admits she's a sucker for pretty things, and in the video above, she demonstrates how to create a beautiful cupcake topper perfect for spring. So if you too can't stop thinking about the season to come, you'll want to watch her in action.

Coryanne picks fresh pansies, and creates a wash for them with egg whites, painting each petal. Then, she sprinkles each flower with sugar as they rest over a wire rack. Once they've dried, she uses them to top the center of her cupcakes, creating a beautiful springtime look for the sweet dessert treat!

Watch the video above to see how Coryanne creates these simple but beautiful candied pansy cupcakes.

Image Credit: Coryanne Ettiene