How to Make Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots

How to Make Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots

Jello shots may seem like they're something only partying college students can enjoy, but the alcoholic dessert shot can actually be enjoyed at more mature parties too. These Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots offer a bit more sophistication (and flavor) than the typical Jello shot you're probably more familiar with. Plus, as far as alcoholic treats go, they're very easy on the eyes, thanks to the DIY tangerine shot "glasses" they're sitting in.

To make these, you'll need tangerines, sugar, gelatin, sparkling wine and orange liqueur. One extra step in creating these more grown-up Jello shots is to make tangerine juice. After you've done that, you pour it into a pan and heat it with the sugar, gelatin, sparkling wine and orange liqueur. Buzzfeed recommends adding red food coloring to give the finished product a deep red color like a blood orange.

The video above also demonstrates how to turn the tangerine peels into fun shot "glasses" that are sure to be a hit with guests. You'll need to flip the peels inside out and scoop out the leftover tangerine pulp. This will help to hollow out the peels for your shot "glasses." (It looks pretty, but it's also a great way to use up the entire tangerine!)

Once the Jello mixture is poured into the tangerine shot "glasses" and refrigerated over night, you'll be ready to serve them to excited guests.

Watch the video above to learn how to make Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots, and try serving them at your next cocktail party—or even brunch!

Ingredients you'll need
sparkling wine
orange liqueur
red food dye