How to Make Beer Can Chicken

It's not usual to use alcohol during cooking. Wine is a common addition to dressings, pastas and even desserts. Vodka is a common addition to pasta sauce. But what about beer? Beer makes for a delicious batter for fish or a tasty addition to beef dishes. While it's easy to add a little bit of beer to a dish, have you ever tried to grill a chicken on top of a beer can? That's right, you can even use a can of beer to grill chicken. This fun recipe requires a playful attitude toward beer, chicken and grilling, but it's well worth it.

What is Beer Can Chicken?

Beer can chicken sounds unusual, but it's really a simple dish. The basic idea behind beer can chicken is to let the chicken cook with a can of beer inside of it. The technique seems strange, but manages to produce a very succulent chicken. The steam rises from the beer and helps to keep the chicken moist.

How Do You Make Beer Can Chicken?

The easiest method for beer can chicken requires one can of beer, a large whole chicken, salt and pepper and a dry barbecue rub. After removing the fat and rinsing the chicken, add the rub. Refrigerate the chicken while preheating the grill. Open the can of beer and take a few sips or pour out an inch of beer. Poke six or seven holes in the top of the can in the shape of a key. Then insert the can into the chicken cavity so that the bird sits upright. Cover the grill and cook the chicken.

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