How to Indulge Without Overdoing It According to Melissa Ben-Ishay

How to Indulge Without Overdoing It According to Melissa Ben-Ishay
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How to Indulge Without Overdoing It According to Melissa Ben-Ishay

Read on for Melissa Ben-Ishay's tips for the best ways to indulge yourself.

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Recognizing portion control

Melissa explains that eating in a healthy way is all about your mindset. "I remember when I had my first roommates in college sophomore year, I was shocked by the portions they ate. I eat so much, I didn't know! That was my first 'aha' moment, that you don't need to eat so much at a time," she shares.

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Her favorite healthy meal

Even though she bakes all the time, Melissa doesn't just love to mix—she loves to chop too. "I love chopping, I could chop all day. I love salads. I make kale salads with all this stuff in it. You can eat big portions and still feel good after," explains Melissa.

What else does she love to make? You guessed it! Cupcakes. Melissa's advice for controlling your portions when it comes to cupcakes? "You should totally only eat cupcakes that are bite-sized," she jokes.

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Yes, she always eats dessert

"I always eat dessert no matter what," Melissa says. Even if it's just a bite, she lets herself indulge. "It's all about portion control. I’m still learning. Food is my favorite thing in the whole world, so it is hard," she says.

Melissa also says that she eats her own cupcakes every day. "They are here every day in the office. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen baking too," Melissa admits.

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On swapping ingredients

Melissa is a fan of eating food that's true to itself. "If somebody hands me something and says they changed the ingredients so it’s good for you, I’m already not going to like it. You have to be true to the food. Just have a little less," Melissa recommends. "Never sacrifice quality."

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How she stays in shape

Melissa explains that just by being outside enjoying the weather and running around, she's able to indulge the way she does. "I eat everything I want to eat and also walk everywhere. I joke with some of my employees that I’m a hustler—literally hustling everywhere. I run up the subway stairs because I want to get there faster, but that burns calories. Summer is beautiful weather here so there’s no excuse to be inside," she says.

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Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of of Baked by Melissa, makes cupcakes every day—and she eats them too! Who could blame her? Baking and being around all of those delicious little treats all day must be tempting. However, her attitude toward eating is entirely realistic. She doesn't pass up on indulging in sweets, but she knows that she has to manage her portions in order to not go overboard. Just in time for summer, Melissa reveals how she snacks on sweets without taking it too far.

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