How to Find the Best Deals at the Grocery Store: Insider Secrets to Help You Spend Less

How to Find the Best Deals at the Grocery Store: Insider Secrets to Help You Spend Less
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How to Find the Best Deals at the Grocery Store: Insider Secrets to Help You Spend Less

If you're on a budget, these insider tips will help you save money at the grocery store. Read on for 11 secrets to spending less.

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Buy Seasonal.

Plan your menu around in-season fruits and vegetables, and substitute in seasonal ingredients in your favorite recipes if necessary. It's a great idea to stock up and freeze, can or preserve what you don't use right away.

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Be selective about organic.

While shopping organic is always a great idea, organic produce is frequently more expensive than conventional produce. Mother Nature Network recommends frugal shoppers to check out the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen produce lists to find out for which foods buying organic really counts.

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Shop Wednesday night.

According to Lifehacker, Wednesday may be the best day to shop because many grocery stores release new sale advertisements while honoring the previous week's advertisements. In addition, many grocery stores re-stock produce in the middle of the week. Evenings are great for deals because products with shorter shelf lives become heavily discounted.

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Join a rewards-based loyalty program.

Many stores offer special discounts and rewards for loyal customers, and membership is usually free and easy to sign up!

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Clip Coupons.

Check out the in-store weekly to find some of the best deals. You can find coupons in your newspaper's insert, weekly circulars and up on the store's website. You can even reach out to the manufacturers of your favorite products, sing your praises and request coupons.

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Look high or low on the shelves.

Studies show that people favor items located in the middle of a row, which makes those middle shelves at around eye level prime retail. Often, these strategically placed products aren't the best deals for shoppers. Scan those higher and lower shelves for better bargains.

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Buy Generic.

While it might be a good idea to stick to brand names for perishables like dairy and meat, most generic brand grocery store items are similar to their brand name counterparts.

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Ask for price matching.

Some stores offer the money-saving option of matching competitor prices, which can save you some dough and the extra trip. Be sure to ask store managers what their policy is.

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Bring a calculator.

A calculator comes handy when you're planning your budget. You can find a better deal by checking the product size, unit price and applicable deals and comparing the price per ounce.

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Skip prepared foods.

The hot meal stations and salad bars at your grocery store can run your bill up, and pre-packaged meals can be expensive. Overall, you'll save a lot more money by cooking meals at home.

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Watch out for multiples.

Don't feel obligated to buy more than you need. If an advertisement says you can get multiples of an item for a discounted price (for example, two boxes of pasta for five dollars), some stores will allow you to get that deal price per item without buying a certain number.

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Shopping smarter at the grocery store can help you find the best deals and save money. Trim down your bill with these smart insider tips to help you spend less. From the best day of the week to go grocery shopping to where to find the best coupons, these 11 money-saving secrets can transform you into a savvy shopper.

Check out the slideshow above to discover 11 insider secrets to help you spend less at the grocery store.

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