How to Drink at Weddings

How to Drink at Weddings

It's wedding season, and for many that can translate into "open bar season." However, even the slightest bit of overindulgence can really affect the outcome of one of the most special days in a person's life. So, unless you want to be the best man who gives a terrible and embarrassing speech or the guest who is hysterically dancing to "I Will Always Love You" in the middle of the empty dance floor, follow these five tips for a disaster-free day.

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  1. Go for wine and beer only: Do not take shots! Shots will get you real drunk, really fast. Try sipping on a glass of wine or a beer while socializing with others.

  2. Try to put any negative thoughts or feelings aside for the day: It may not be easy to do, but remember that you're celebrating someone's special occasion, so don't let emotional drinking ruin it for everyone.

  3. Remember that partying doesn't always need to involve alcohol: Weddings are not frat parties, so alcohol isn't a necessity. Instead, look into other activities the wedding reception has to offer besides an open bar.

  4. Eat: Brides and grooms often spend a fortune just on the food at the wedding, so take advantage of it. It's important to remember to eat and pace your drinking.

  5. Don't mix different types of alcohol: It's tempting to try different drinks at an open bar, but mixing too many different types of alcohol can make you feel, well, not so great.

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