How Do I Cook Different Types of Rice?

How Do I Cook Different Types of Rice?

What's the difference between basmati and 'converted' rice? Can you use converted rice instead?

There's actually a big difference!

Basmati rice is a specific type of long-grain rice from India. It's very fragrant and is most prized for its nutty flavor. Like most varieties of rice, you can buy either brown or white versions of basmati.

Converted rice, on the other hand, is any type of rice that has been processed to look white but retain some of its nutrients, particularly B vitamins. (It's important to note that the less processed a rice is, the more nutritious it will be.) So, theoretically, basmati rice could also be converted rice.

You can use different varieties of converted rice in place of basmati, but doing so means that your food won't have the same aroma or taste. Just be sure to select a long-grain type like Carolina, and follow the directions that come with whichever rice you choose because cooking times vary.

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