How to Cook With Frozen Vegetables


By now, we know that eating produce during peak season benefits the environment, the wallet, and of course, the flavor of our food. But during the winter months, our tuber-heavy roster grows tired -- even parsnips lose their charm after a while.

That's where the freezer aisle comes in. Frozen vegetables put out-of-season ingredients back into your regular rotation, adding variety without a huge carbon footprint or price tag. But for all the good they do, they're majorly undervalued because they are often equated with waterlogged peas or stinky broccoli.

That's why we're doing a little frozen veggie refresher. With the proper thawing techniques and a few cooking best practices, you'll be able to keep those frozen peas and sprouts perky with ease. So put on a sweater, head to the chilly section of the store, and discover the variety of produce available all year long.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to get the most out of frozen vegetables.

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