How to Build the Perfect Burger


Let us consider the burger. It is the food that Americans crave when traveling abroad — "Oh, I would kill to have a burger right now." It is the backbone of just about every backyard grilling party — OK, maybe hot dogs are important, too. And it is an obsession and almost art form for those who seek to perfect it. So who to turn to for advice?

Learn How to Build the Perfect Burger Here

We tapped Govind Armstrong, executive chef and owner of 8 oz. Burger Bar and also executive chef at the critically acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant Post & Beam, for some helpful insight. Armstrong makes a mean burger — his proprietary house blend results in a beef patty that's juicy, flavorful, and rich without going over the top. And the elements of each of his burgers — the seasonings, the cheese, and the toppings — work in perfect harmony. So we thought he was the perfect person to turn to for some tips and tricks.

Armstrong gave us the beef on just about everything you'd possibly want to consider when making a burger — from fat ratios and blends to buns and cooking techniques. He also points out where most homecooks go wrong. Whatever kind of burger you decide to make, though, it all comes back to one principle — namely, that everything has to work in harmony. Thinking about which cuts of meat to buy, which spices to use, and which toppings to add is not an exercise that should happen in a vacuum. Instead, you've got to make everything work together. And that's how the perfect burger is made.

Check out the slideshow above to discover how to make the perfect burger.

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