How To Avoid Buying Overpriced Wine

How To Avoid Buying Overpriced Wine
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How To Avoid Buying Overpriced Wine

Europeans consume more wine and are completely comfortable spending very little to do so. Americans might want to take a cue from this practice. Read on for some tips to avoid buying overpriced wines.

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Look Out for Fancy Descriptions.

Beware of enticing adjectives and stick with basics. You may not be able to taste details like the "hint of lavender" anyway.

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Seek out Bottles Less Than $15.

Somewhere along the way, people decided that $15 should be the average price of wine. You can drink lovely wines for much, much less. According to Slate, if you and your spouse were to drink five bottles of $15 wine per week, it would cost about $4,000 a year, which is more than the average family spends on groceries!

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Avoid Bottles from Well-Known Regions.

Famous vineyards boast long traditions and histories through their products as well as higher prices. If you're just looking to have a glass of wine with a home-cooked meal, avoid purchasing wines from well-known destinations.

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Pass on Popular Varieties.

If you've heard of the wine, it will probably be more expensive than a lesser known bottle. Chardonnay is one of the most beloved wines in America so there is a better chance of it being overpriced.

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Skip on Classics.

When a drink has been lauded as a classic, maybe save it for a special occasion or pass it by altogether. Try something new instead. You might be surprised and you'll be spending a lot less.

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Be Weary of "Buy One, Get One Free."

According to The Guardian, big discounts where you can "buy one, get one free" are worth what the wine should have cost in the first place.

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Buy in the Off-Season.

Wine companies make a huge amount of sales in October, November and December. With this in mind it might be best to shop for wine in the spring or summer months.

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Do Your Research.

The same bottle of wine can be very expensive in one state and less expensive in another. According to a study, a wine that was $695 in California cost $2,000 in Illinois! Bear that in mind before you head to the store or restaurant.

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Don't Worry And Enjoy!

Most people can’t even taste the subtleties of a “good” bottle of wine, so why not save money and enjoy wine on the cheaper side because it’s just as good and you’ll be able to enjoy more of it since you’re not investing in luxurious bottles.

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It comes as no surprise that wine, such a tasteful drink, can boast some pretty high prices and since people often think that price indicates quality, some consumers buckle down and pay. However, wine does not need to be high in price to be delightful in flavor. Most people can't taste the difference between expensive and cheap wine and those who can are often in the wine business.

Why not save a buck and go for the more affordable choice to complement your dinner?

Check out the slideshow above for some tips to tell if wine is overpriced.

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