Hot Chocolate Oreo Muffins

Hot Chocolate Oreo Muffins

Hot chocolate is one thing; hot chocolate and oreos is another but Hot Chocolate and Oreo Muffins means you are playing with the big boys now! You may think these muffins are out of your league but trust me- You Can Do This- and before you know you will have a new favorite treat that will wow anyone who hears you mutter the words hot chocolate Oreo muffins.

Learn how to make these delicious Hot Chocolate Oreo Muffins.

I got the idea for Oreo muffins from my new blogger friend Baker Street. Her Oreo muffins look surreal and who wouldn't want to gobble down a dozen of those babies! I then got the idea to incorporate hot chocolate into the batter because I had some leftover Mexican hot chocolate mix that I had made from Christmas and since it is now HOT- yes HOT- here in Houston I thought I would use it up in the batter. AMAZING! It was just amazing! A combo of hot chocolate and crunchy Oreo's is something every kid or rather adult should have at least once in their life!

Note: In case you are wondering where is the chocolate color? Although these muffins have hot chocolate mix in them, the amount of mix I included in the batter wasn't enough to make a full blown chocolate color. You are more than welcome to add as much or as little hot chocolate mix as you wish. The more the merrier but for a subtle chocolate flavor 1-2 teaspoons is just enough!

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