Host a Waffle Brunch This Weekend

Host a Waffle Brunch This Weekend

Waffles, what a sweet, fluffy heaven they create. If you're a Belgian waffle fan, an Eggo lover, a chicken and waffles kind of guy—it's all accepted in our books.

We're big waffle lovers at The Daily Meal. Whether they're sandwiching a heap of soft ice cream or topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream—they're definitely a reason to get together and bond.

With this special day approaching, it's just one more reason to party. So, create a menu fit for those nooks and crannies. Now, while we wish we had a designer waffle maker like this one, we're stuck to our trusty old press—which will do the trick just fine! Make both savory favorites and the classic syrup-filled delight and your guests will be super pleased. Serve mimosas, bellinis, and sides of bacon and potatoes and you're set!

Waffle Recipes at Kitchen Daily:

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