Homemade Fast Food

McDonald's is joining the health-conscious craze. Sort of. During McDonald's 2012 Nutrition Journey Progress Report, the company revealed that it is now going to include calorie counts on its menu.

This action marks McDonald's latest move for its ongoing Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices program as it becomes the largest restaurant chain to put calorie counts on the menu. The chain also plans to offer more healthy alternatives in the near future. But for now, McDonald's is featuring its "Favorites Under 400" menu, which includes diet sodas, snack wraps and more.

However, not everything on the menu will benefit from having the calorie count. McDonald's signature Big Mac is 550 calories all on its own.

If you're curious about how many calories you consume when you hit the drive thru, head over to McDonalds.com and use the new Meal Builder tool. But first, check out the homemade options we've compiled for you. They're sure to give you all the flavor with a lot less grease.

Click through the slideshow to see our homemade fast food recipes.