Hilarious Thanksgiving Fails Caught on Camera

Hilarious Thanksgiving Fails Caught on Camera

There are a frightening number of ways to mess up Thanksgiving dinner. Overcrowding the oven, overcooking the turkey, forgetting to defrost the turkey, running out of food and burning the pie are just a few of the ways one can severely mess up the biggest dinner of the year. Don't start fretting though. As long as you focus on cooking a nice meal, you probably won't fall prey to some hilarious rookie mistakes.

The oven is hugely important to Thanksgiving, so make sure to cook safely and avoid settig the oven or the kitchen on fire. Working with the turkey can be a challenge, especially if you are doing a lengthy brine or using a huge turkey. Helpful hint: Don't drop the turkey and make sure to avoid dropping it out the window. As a general rule, don't drop any of the Thanksgiving dishes lest you slip in the cranberry sauce or ruin a perfectly good pie.

Place the turkey somewhere secure on the table. For example, don't leave the main dish next to an active toddler who could push it on to the floor. What's the silliest Thanksgiving fail you've ever committed or witnessed?

Watch the video above for the most amusing Thanksgiving fails! Then, check out the slideshow below to discover 5 common Thanksgiving mistakes you should avoid!

Image Credit: America's Funniest Home Videos