Helpful Tips to Organize the Fridge

Helpful Tips to Organize the Fridge
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Helpful Tips to Organize the Fridge

Read on for simple and efficient ways to organize the fridge.

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Clean More Frequently

If you get into the habit of cleaning the fridge every week then you'll be forced to take things out and decide if they are still good.

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Labeling shelves and drawers will ensure that everything has a place. Labeling will also help you recognize when you need to add an item to the grocery list.

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Try A Turn Table

Using a lazy Susan or a turn table will help you to find the hard to reach items.

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Store Dairy In The Coldest Area

Opening and closing the door to the refrigerator affects the temperature. By keeping dairy on the bottom shelf toward the back, the items will remain at a more consistent temperature and not go bad as quickly.

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Store Meat and Seafood on the Bottom Shelf

To prevent meat from spilling or dripping, keep it on the bottom shelf. That way, if there is a spillage, it won't contaminate the entire refrigerator.

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Keep Fruits and Veggies in the Bottom Drawer

The most humid part of the fridge is generally the bottom drawer. That is why it is recommended to keep fruits and vegetables in the crisper (or bottom shelf). As a general rule, don't wash produce until you plan to use it. Water can make the produce more likely to attract bacteria.

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Store Eggs on the Middle Shelf

The eggs should be kept on the middle shelf. Make sure to keep eggs in the cartons from the store rather than the refrigerator's egg container.

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Don't Pack the Fridge

Filling the fridge to its capacity will the cause the device to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Try to only buy what you need and clean out the refrigerator as much as you can.

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Save Space

Not everything belongs in the fridge. Tomatoes, potatoes and onions look and taste different when stored in the refrigerator. You can even store peanut butter, honey, apples, bananas and bread in the pantry.

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Like a closet and life in general, the refrigerator can get a little cluttered.

Organizing the fridge is a great idea to both free up space and ensure that your food lasts. Simple tips like labeling and placement won't just make your fridge tidier, but it will also enhance the longevity of certain produce and dairy. Not to mention make compiling that grocery list much easier.

Check out the slideshow above for helpful tricks to organize your refrigerator.

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