Healthy Hacks for Super Bowl Snacks

Healthy Hacks for Super Bowl Snacks
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Healthy Hacks for Super Bowl Snacks

Lighten up those Super Bowl snacks with these helpful hacks.

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Go For the Guac

Yes, guacamole can be high in calories, but avocados are a nutritional touchdown. Filling up on the healthy fats in avocados will help keep you satisfied during the game and less tempted by more indulgent treats.

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Dip Veggies

Opt for carrots and celery over chips. That way you can still sample the dips, but at least you'll be getting some veggies in the mix.

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Bake Fries

Instead of ordering greasy French fries, make your own version. Drizzle olive oil over sliced sweet potatoes, regular potatoes or other root veggies and roast them.

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Skip Beer

Nutritionally, beer isn't the best choice. Instead, experiment with different iced teas or fresh squeezed fruit cocktails.

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Replace Sour Cream with Yogurt

Substitute sour cream with non-fat Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has a similar texture to sour cream, but has a lot less fat. The guests probably won't even notice!

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Try Veggie Chili

Since legumes are already high in fiber, bean dishes are a great way to fill up in a healthy way. Try a vegetarian chili to add more veggies to your meal.

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Roast Almonds

Create your own healthy bar snack by roasting almonds with a little bit of salt. This is a great way to indulge in a craving in a healthy way, since almonds are filled with heart-healthy fats.

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Lighten Up Nuggets

By cutting down on bread crumbs and baking the chicken, nuggets don't have to be wildly caloric. Jessica Seinfeld has mastered the art of adding veggies to her kid-friendly chicken nugget recipe.

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Make Popcorn

Try using an air popper to make popcorn. This method cuts down on calories immensely. Just add a little bit of salt and put out instead of chips.

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It's no wonder it's called the Super Bowl, since the big game is generally accompanied by a day of indulgent eating. Between chicken wings, pizza and beer, game day can be incredibly high in calories.

The good news is that there are easy ways to lighten up typical dishes. By choosing snacks wisely, you can breeze through the big game without overdoing it.

Check out the slideshow above for health hacks to try during the Super Bowl.

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