Healthy Eating Tips For The Holiday Season

Healthy Eating Tips For The Holiday Season
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Healthy Eating Tips For The Holiday Season

I know what needs to be done, but the question is, can I do it? Maybe if I write it all down, it will be a little easier. The secret to a healthy diet during the holidays is like filling a stocking … every little bit counts.

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First, some tips for the day to day, when the stress and the busyness make it so tempting to graze, to eat junk food and to forego healthy habits.

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Avoid Mall Food

Do not grab food at the mall. Get a drink of water, stay away from the food court and wait until you get home. Nothing healthy can come from those concession stands.

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Try to stay as close to your normal meal schedule as possible.

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Avoid Party Food

Do not keep party food in the house. If you are entertaining, either keep the extra food sealed, or make your purchases close to the day of the event.

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Cook At Home

When you get home from a long day at work, with a shopping detour on your commute, finding time to cook is almost impossible. Most take-out is laden with fat and calories. Plan ahead, by making food for a few days at a time. Get help from your kids and partner. Don’t get fancy. Keep your meals simple and nutritious. When take-out is your only option, focus on salads with your pizza, steamed Asian dishes and avoid burgers and fries.

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Healthy Snacks

Keep healthy snack choices on hand. It is almost impossible not to nibble when you are making your list and checking it twice. Opt for cut up veggies instead of chips and yogurt instead of ice cream.

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Drink Water

Stay hydrated with eight glasses of water per day, and you will be much less likely to pick between meals.

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Tips for not overdoing it at the party.

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Eat Before Going Out

No matter how tight your dress is, don’t go to the party starving. Eat a little something before you go.

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Prioritize Healthy Food

If there are healthy options, have some of these before you enjoy more calorie packed bites.

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Stand Strategically

Don’t stand near the food. If your host has left hors d’oeuvres on a table, head for the other side of the room.

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Lots Of Water

Drink water in between each alcoholic beverage.

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Skip The Chip

Don’t eat the chips. Choose homemade appetizers instead of those addictive, bagged snacks you can eat anytime. Save room for the good stuff.

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Eat Slowly

At dinner, eat slowly and enjoy all the care put into your meal. Giving your body a chance to feel full before you can stuff it more, will prevent you from overeating – and allow you to save room for dessert.

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Have A Little Dessert

Speaking of dessert, either make a choice and have one sweet, or take a tiny piece of a few. An enormous dessert plate will just end up making you feel unwell, and the guilt the next day will get in the way of your festive productivity.

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is enjoying all the delicious flavors. Don’t deprive yourself, just make smart choices, especially when you are home. If you stumble a little and overdo it, get back on the program the next day. Don’t let a small slip send you sliding down the slope. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a New Year’s Resolution other than, I resolve to lose weight?

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I am looking at my calendar for the next few weeks. It is filled with busy preparation, hectic holidays, parties, kids' concerts and so much more. I should be either excited or stressed, but instead, all I can feel is regret. WHY didn't I plan ahead and preemptively lose the five pounds I will inevitably gain during the glutton season. Now, I am left with having to figure out how to maintain my current weight in the face of potato stuffing, apple pie and Christmas cookies - not to mention the pumpkin martinis and eggnog.

Check out the slideshow above for tips to stay healthy during the party-filled holiday season.

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