Healthier Alternatives to Super Bowl Party Favorites

Healthier Alternatives to Super Bowl Party Favorites

The night of the Super Bowl is typically when most viewers choose to indulge with wings and chili. However, if you're looking to eat a little healthier during game day this year, you may want to try these simple tips to lighten up your Super Bowl spread. Your waistline will thank you!

First, forgo the frying and go with baking as your cooking method. Try baking or broiling chicken instead of frying it. Baked or broiled chicken wings still taste great, but they won't be as detrimental to your waistline. You can still get that crunchy texture on your chicken tenders by topping them with panko or Corn Flakes.

The same technique applies to other great-tasting fried foods. Instead of French fries, bake cucumbers with panko, parmesan and paprika for a crunchy, healthier finger food. You can even bake string cheese with panko for a homemade mozzarella stick!

Pizza is an easy dish to order when watching the game, but a slice or two doesn't have to destroy your diet. So if you do decide to order pizza this year, stick with thin crust pizza instead of a deep dish or the stuffed-crust variety, or try making your own pizza bites at home!

With the help of low-fat cream cheese, part skim cheese or fat free sour cream, you can instantly lighten up the caloric load of your favorite dips as well.

Watch the video above for the best tips for making healthier alternatives to Super Bowl party favorites.

Image Credit: Buzz60