Haylie Duff Dishes on Her New Show

Haylie Duff Dishes on Her New Show
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Haylie Duff Dishes on Her New Show

Based on Haylie Duff's Real Girl's Kitchen cookbook and blog, her new Cooking Channel show (appropriately also named Real Girl's Kitchen) takes viewers inside Haylie's life as she travels, cooks and spends time with friends and family. We've got all the details!

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What differentiates the show?

"Starting the show as a web series, we really had a blank canvas and got make any show we wanted to," explains Haylie. "For me, the most important [things were] taking my book and putting it onto screen, telling stories, having food adventure in the show and having my family and my friends [on]."

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What was your favorite place you filmed?

"Honestly, there are so many good ones," Haylie contemplates. "We went to a rooftop farm in Brooklyn and we picked peppers. Annie Novak dreamed up this idea of the rooftop farm in Brooklyn and she has transformed the roof of a sound stage into the most magical garden I’ve ever been in. Milking goats at Soledad Goat Farm and making goat cheese was awesome. I cook on a food truck in one of the episodes. We have a crab boil in my backyard with my family, we do all kinds of fun stuff!"

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How did the show come about?

"I know that an executive from Cooking Channel had seen a promo for the web series online and a few weeks later I was in New York and we had a meeting and they picked up the show," shares Haylie. "It was so wild! Cooking Channel is obviously a dream for me. In my mind, if I could pick where I wanted my show to be it was on Cooking Channel, for that to come to fruition is just so special to me."

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What guest appearances can we expect?

"My family is on a couple of them. Also, Beverley Mitchell who I was on 7th Heaven with comes and does an episode," offers Haylie. But the list doesn't stop there. Actress Arielle Kebbel, The Bachelor's Ali Fedotowsky, PopSugar's Brandi Milloy and The Walking Dead's Alanna Masterson join Haylie on episodes as well.

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What surprised you the most about shooting a cooking show?

"One thing that surprised me was how hard I found it to talk to camera," explains Haylie. While the show is shot in a style where Haylie doesn't talk to the camera, she had to for some web extras. "I have a new found respect for the people who can just stand in the kitchen alone and talk to the camera and cook."

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Where did you watch the first episode?

"[It's] so cute actually. I didn’t realize I was going to be in New York for the premiere of the show, but my friend Erin who lives out here was like, 'I’m so excited I’m going to have my girlfriends over, we are going to make a recipe from the book and we are going to watch the show,'" Haylie reflects. "I was like, 'Oh I wish I could be there with you guys; that is so cute!' And now I’m here!"

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Haylie Duff premiered her latest project, a Cooking Channel series named after her popular cookbook and blog, Real Girl's Kitchen, on June 7. The show takes cooking out of the kitchen as Haylie travels from California to New York, spends time with family and a few familiar friends and visits with food producers.

"I love the show's loose format," shares Haylie. "There is no recipe for how each episode really pans out. Some episodes are a little more culinary happy and others are a little more story heavy, but they are very true to my life." It's not like other cooking shows "because we weren't just stuck in the kitchen; We got to really go out there and explore."

Check out the slideshow above to get behind-the-scenes on Haylie's new show!

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