Halloween Candy Corn Jello

Growing up, candy corn was one of my favorite Halloween treats....to be honest, it still is. So I decided to make these wiggly replicas of the iconic Halloween candy -- with a twist. While candy corn has more of a generic sugar flavor, my jello has a creamy, tropical flair, thanks to orange- and pineapple-flavored gelatin and sweetened condensed milk. I think half the fun in these molds are the surprising flavors (atypical for fall and Halloween); they'll be a refreshing change to all the usual sugary treats.

This recipe can be made in one large mold and sliced to serve, or it can be prepared in little individual molds. The mini molds I used are vintage and were purchased from eBay.com, but more modern silicon molds will work just as well. (Wilton, for example, makes a great line of creative bakeware.)

Check out our slideshow above to learn how to make this delicious treat (and find a couple bonus Halloween dessert recipes!).

Article and Image Credit: Victoria Belanger