Granny Smith: Did She Really Exist?

Granny Smith: Did She Really Exist?

When a recipe called for apples and not just any apples, but Granny Smith apples, it made us wonder. Who is Granny Smith? In fact, we became so curious that we couldn't let it go. And thus, our quest in search of Granny began. Here is what we found:

Granny Smith is actually a real person. The delicious, light green Granny Smith apple was named after Maria Ann Smith, who, in 1868, found an apple tree seedling growing in her backyard garden. Granny Smith, who lived in New South Wales, Australia, cultivated the tree's apples and took them to the market. The apples gained popularity and eventually spread to New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Though Granny Smith did have a number of grandchildren herself, she is the only grandmother known worldwide as Granny Smith. Consumed raw, baked or cooked, the Granny Smith apple's sweet and bitter taste always leaves us craving more.

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