The Gluten-Free Foodie

The Gluten-Free Foodie
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The Gluten-Free Foodie

Wine Glasses

Did you know wine is naturally gluten-free? What makes a better gift than a beautiful set of wine glasses? Inexpensive and gorgeous!

$12.95 ea. at Crate and Barrel

Gluten-Free Snack Packs

The holidays are a huge time for traveling. Order gluten-free snack packs for munching on the go! These make great stocking stuffer-like presents. Suitable and tasty for kids and adults!

$24.99 at Amazon

Food Sealer

Prepare your meals ahead of time and stick in the freezer. Use a food vacuum sealer, such as the Seal-a-Meal Food Sealer, to help you get the job done.

$59.99 at Best Buy

Gluten-Free Food Basket

Assemble your own thoughtful gluten-free food basket. Go to a local grocery store and round up delectable gluten-free goods such as rice, quinoa, wine, gluten-free crackers, walnuts or other healthy and tantalizing treats. (Special tip: Research, print and stick a few fabulous gluten-free recipes in your basket!)

Any Budget at Whole Foods


Recently gone gluten-free? Time to replace your beloved toaster. If you or someone you know is highly sensitive to wheat and needs to be cautious, replacing the toaster is a great first step.

$59.99 at Bloomingdales

Rolling Pin

Since wood is rather porous, it's imperative that newly gluten-free folks replace their rolling pins. Gluten-free recipes tend to work a lot with dough, so you'll want to have this kitchen essential on hand.

$14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Cutting Board Set

Old cutting boards can have a ton of scratches in them. If you're new to the gluten-free world, it's time to invest in a new set to take precaution. Always been gluten-free? Brand new cutting boards are always exciting!

$37.99 at

Magazine Subscription

Gluten-free is a lifestyle. Why not get your gluten-free devoted friends or family a subscription to a magazine? They'll appreciate the sentiment (and they'll always have something fun to look toward in their mailbox).

1-Year Subscription, $34 at Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Body Products

Get gluten-free food and body products all in one swoop! These genius lotions offer a long-lasting silky feel in the tantalizing aromas of coconut, tropical coconut and sweet almond. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers!

$5.09 at VitaCost

Gluten-Free Cookbook

Learning to diversify your recipes is a difficult task as is. It can be even more challenging when you go gluten-free. Try giving a gluten-free cookbook.

$16.99 at Barnes and Noble


These days, gluten-free is becoming all the rage. If you or someone you knows has an allergy to wheat, or if you're simply looking to steer clear of gluten in your diet, it can make shopping tricky (especially as the holidays roll around). Our goal? To eliminate the tricky part, and introduce you to a few top recommendations that will not only make your shopping experience fun, but a lot easier.

Check out our top 10 gluten-free gift guide suggestions for this holiday season.

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