Gluten Free Cookies Too Yummy Not to Share

Gluten Free Cookies Too Yummy Not to Share

I know I have been posting WAY too many sweets lately {sorry health nut friends!}, but it's just so hard to keep these recipes to myself when they turn out so fantastically that all I want to do is stuff my face shout their praises from my laptop. So bear with me. Or close your browser. I won't know which you choose. {Or maybe I will... I have my sources... You think about that.} ;)

Learn how to make these Gluten Free Cookies.

I do, however, have good news about the recipe I am about to share with you. It is semi-healthy. {No, that's not anything like Semi-Homemade. I've read some of the things out there about how people feel about that and, man, can people get snarky over a tub of whipped topping.} So, you can feel semi-good about eating a few of these and still semi-fit into your jeans. Or something like that. But, yeah, back to the cookies.

These cookies contain one of my favorite ingredients: flax. I currently have a little food crush on flax. It has this nutty crunchiness that is really yummy and satisfying. And it's good for you, too. I tried to find information about the health benefits, but when I got to the words "8th Century" and "King Charlemagne", my eyes sort of glazed over and I just wanted to eat another cookie. Suffice it to say, flaxseed goes way back and is in the elite category of foods containing "good fats". You had me at "good". {Let's forget the "fat" part, shall we?}

Guess what else? These cookies are gluten free... and more importantly... they actually have the texture of a real cookie! Imagine that. {If you've experimented with gluten free baking, you know that proper texture can be an issue.} The chewy, oatmeal raisin-like texture of these will keep you reaching for "just one more".

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