Frozen Steaks Cook Better Than Thawed Ones, Says Science


Steak is a favorite dinner of many a carnivore, and there are so many things you can do with it! If you've bought fresh beef at the grocery store and aren't planning to make it right away, you probably pop it in the freezer to save it for when you're ready. But when that time comes, you might not remember to allow enough time for the meat to thaw completely. (Though it's been said that with this trick you can defrost a steak in just five minutes!)

If you don't even have that kind of time, not to worry. According to a new video making the rounds, there's a solution for that: cook it frozen! Dan Souza, senior editor of Cook's Illustrated, decided to test the taste of steak that's cooked frozen versus steak that's cooked after being thawed. The results were very surprising.

Check out the slideshow above to learn why it could be better to cook frozen rather than thawed steak.

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