Frozen Peas: Your Year-Round, Budget-Friendly Vegetable

By Catherine Lamb

I am only slightly exaggerating when I say that frozen peas have saved my life. At the very least, they have saved my sanity. Because there are some nights -- okay, most nights -- when all I want for dinner is mac and cheese. I should not be eating said mac and cheese as an entire meal because I am an adult and should be eating green things, as green things are good for my insides. I know this.

Here's where frozen peas come in: When I'm facing a monochromatic dinner, I reach into my freezer and add a few handfuls of these sweet little vegetables. Suddenly, I've got bright green speckles; I've got freshness; I've got health. Plus, rightly or wrongly, they are the only vegetable I feel genuinely good about buying frozen (Amanda's with me). They're exponentially less pricey than the fresh peas you find at your farmers market come spring, and they're available year-round.

Check out the slideshow above for a few incredible ways to use a bag of frozen peas.

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