Fresh Fall Ingredients

Fresh Fall Ingredients
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Fresh Fall Ingredients


Low in calories and high in iron, spinach is at its prime in the autumn months. Enjoy crisp baby spinach salads all season long!

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprout Fact: This vegetable earned its name because of its early cultivation in areas around Brussels, Belgium.


As autumn begins, some may be surprised to see pomegranates in local supermarkets. High in antioxidants, pomegranates season begins in October and continues through January.


Despite what one might think, broccoli actually grows better during the fall than in the summer. The more predictable weather patterns of the fall helps this vegetable reach its full potential.


When choosing cauliflower, find those with white and firm heads. Though it can be bought year round, cauliflower is best when the leaves start to fall.


Don't forget about this fungus this fall! Incorporate this protein filled fungi into your family dinners.


One potato, two potato, three potato, four! These starchy vegetables are one of the most versatile of the pack. Bake, boil, or fry them this fall for a mouthwatering meal.


It's not a surprise that with Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner pumpkins are in season. Make the most of this seasonal vegetable in delicious pumpkin pies or as a way to decoate your holiday table.

Sweet Potatoes

In addition to enjoying their sweet taste, sweet potatoes also bring us many health benefits. These orange potatoes are high in calcium, filled with iron, and a great source of calcium.


Turnip Fact: When choosing which turnip to buy, choose the heaviest of the bunch for the best taste.


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well your in luck, from late summer to the end of fall apples are at their best. So start snacking! Doctor's orders.


Get creative this season and make homemade cranberry pies and sauce. Best in the fall, this this fruit will definitely have guests talking.


Green or purple, take your pick. Grapes grow best towards the end of summer, so enjoy either this fall.


Believe it or not, citrus can carry into the fall. Despite their tropical appeal, oranges are best in the autumn.


Experiment in your kitchen this fall! Savor the flavor of pears by adding them to your cooking this season.


Whether you're making gingerbread cookies or just cooking dinner, ginger is one of those spices that blends perfectly with fall.


Have fun with this spice! Try putting it in your coffee, your dinner and your dessert.


You might not have thought of this one, but it works well with meats, stews and vegetables, which makes it great for fall.


Mother nature is moving forward, which means you should too! Throw out those summer fruits and vegetables, and pull out the spices that you haven't used in a year. It's time to utilize some of the best ingredients that fall has to offer.

Click through our gallery to find out all about the freshest fruits, vegetables and spices for fall. And if you want more, check out all of these delicious apple recipes.

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