Foods That Will "Kill the Mood" on Valentine's Day


Romantic dinners and treats are a fail-safe way to impress your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, but your plans can backfire if you choose a meal that ruins "the mood" and leaves you feeling fatigued instead of feisty. Go into Valentine's Day dinner with a plan and serve food that whets your appetite for something more.

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Scientifically proven aphrodisiacs, like oysters and strawberries, have a common theme. They're light, not super filling, and they boost your libido. Some of the best Valentine's Day meals are made up of healthy dishes that don't weigh you down.

Historically, aphrodisiacs have been banned in certain places and foods have been created to suppress sex drive. The Graham cracker was invented by evangelical minister Sylvester Graham as part of a bland diet, which supposedly controlled sexual urges. Another bland food created for the same purpose of depressing the libido is the cereal corn flakes, invented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.

While we're generally past the days of eating food that will calm your urges, some food has that same, if unintentional, result. Ornate meals, like getting the works at a fancy steakhouse, sound like a good way to impress your Valentine, but those heavy dishes result in some not-so-sexy side effects like bloating and fatigue.

If you're planning for an active evening after dinner, the best bet is to set yourself up for success throughout the meal. Stick to light vegetable-centric meals with lean proteins like pork or chicken. A little bit of dark chocolate is a nice gesture and can create a romantic atmosphere, but devour the whole box and both your stomach and your Valentine will be upset.

Learn which foods to avoid this Valentine's Day to feel your best and enjoy a romantic evening.

Check out the slideshow above to discover which foods "kill the mood" on Valentine's Day.

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