Foods to Keep You Warm

The winter brings about more than just snowflakes, cooler weather and, well, everything that comes along with that. It brings about a special notion of unity and love, and a time to cherish with your loved ones as you toast them on a brisk, snowy winter's night, bundled up by the crackling fire--especially when you set out for trips in the mountains, like many will be doing for this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah January 17-23.

Part of any memorable winter trip is understanding the best cozy comfort foods to eat during the experience. Staying at a bed and breakfast, condo or some place with a kitchen? Try warming up with a mug of freshly made soup, warm, gooey and creamy pasta dishes (with a little crisp on top) or a finely tuned casserole dish. Don't forget your post-meal beverage! Hot cocoas, cocktails and teas seal the deal.

Everyone knows at least one traditional family comfort dish that's passed down from generation to generation. From mom's hearty beef stew to dad's intensely rich cup of chocolate cocoa or grandma's special lasagna, don't sell the cooler seasons short.

We believe comfort food does more than tickling our senses . . . it evokes warm memories that we share with those we love most. So, in the spirit of winter, we bring to you, our own special winter recipe roundup of foods to comfort the soul. Don't have a signature comfort dish? There's no better time to start than now.

To see what dishes we suggest, check out our slideshow above!