Foods That Attract Bugs

Foods That Attract Bugs
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Foods That Attract Bugs

Keep ants, flies and other unwanted pests away from your outdoor soiree by avoiding or carefully packing these much "bee"-loved picnic foods.

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Fruit Salad

Insects are attracted to sweet tastes and smells, so any cut fruit or ripe fruit will attract them. Overly ripe fruit undergoes mild fermentation, another thing bugs go crazy over.

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Burgers, Hot Dogs and other Meats

Some insects, like wasps, have an appetite for meat and will bombard your hamburgers and hot dogs.

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Many insects enjoy munching on vegetables, but select items like garlic and onions are known to be natural bug repellants for some species.

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Insects quickly pick up on strong smells like pungent fish dishes.

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Soda, Juice and Other Sugary Beverages

Sweet drinks have the sugar factor that insects seek. A common problem picnic-goers experience is discovering bugs inside their soda cans or bottles. Prevent this unwanted surprise by covering opened cans with plastic wrap or foil and sipping with straws.

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Pickled Vegetables

Fermented foods like pickled vegetables make excellent bug bait.

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Beer, Wine and Hard Alcohol

Alcohol contains sugar which insects also enjoy.

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Candy and Dessert

Besides the risk of melting or going bad under the sun, sweet candy and desserts like cakes, pies and pudding are big targets for insect invasions.

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Your food scraps will attract pests, so keep it away from your picnic location and properly dispose of it afterward.

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When you're dining outdoors, it's important to take measures to prevent ants, flies and other insects from eating off your plate. Don't let these uninvited guests ruin your next picnic or patio party. Check out the slideshow above to discover what foods to avoid that may be attracting common picnic pests.

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