Food That Will Cost More In 2014

Food That Will Cost More In 2014
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Food That Will Cost More In 2014

Looks like prices could be going up. Read on to find out if your favorite foods might get more expensive in 2014.

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Cocoa Butter

The price of cocoa butter is on the rise, which could increase the price of chocolate.

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Milk Powder

Another component of chocolate, milk powder, could grow more expensive as well, which would would only add to the rising price of chocolate.

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The demand for chocolate itself has grown. If the ingredients to make the dessert continue to rise, the price of chocolate could see a major increase this year.

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Michael Levin, assistant professor of marketing at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio is curious to see how candy brands will react to the rising prices of chocolate. "Consumers can expect to pay higher prices for middle and higher premium labels. It will be interesting if mass brands...pass along those costs," Levin told DailyFinance.

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the price of cattle has risen, which could affect the cost of beef.

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Since the cost of feeding cattle has increased, big chains have been forced to pay more for beef.

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The USDA has suggested that the prices of wheat could increase by four or five percent by this summer.

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If the cost of wheat goes up, the price of cereal may follow suit as well.

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If the wheat prices rise, so could the cost of bread. Maybe it's a good time to go gluten-free!

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Hamburger Buns

Since the wheat prices might be rising as well, sadly that means burger buns might be hit with higher costs as well.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the price of milk has been increasing since the end of 2013. This increase looks likely to continue.

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Since the price of milk has gone up, experts believe that prices of dairy will follow the trend as well.

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Wild Fish

The demand for wild fish has nearly doubled since 1990. Experts believe prices will go up to meet demand.

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Maybe it seems like the whole grocery store has grown more expensive, but don't worry. There are foods that have decreased in price as well. Read on to learn more.

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The good news is that the price of certain pork products have gone down. Feeding pigs corn became less expensive for farmers. Enjoy that bacon!

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The USDA expects the price of poultry to drop, which is great news.

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Brazil produced a record high of coffee beans last year, which caused coffee prices to drop. Apparently this price decrease should roll over into 2014.

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2014 is here!

But ringing in the New Year may be more expensive than you think. According to the Los Angeles Times, the price of food will likely increase this year. A U.S. Department of Agriculture report expects that food prices will rise by 1.25 to 1.75 percent. To make matters worse, beloved favorites like cereal and chocolate might not be spared in the cost hike.

Check out the slideshow above to learn which food prices could rise this year.

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