Food Trucks Might Invade an Airport Near You

Food Trucks Might Invade an Airport Near You

A new trend has food trucks heading toward an unexpected destination: airports.

More and more airports are allowing food trucks to sell their fare at cellphone waiting areas, an area designated for people to wait when picking up passengers. USA Today reports that the set-up is a win-win situation for both airports and trucks, as airports can expand their culinary offerings while trucks get big business servicing hungry travelers, their loved ones and airport employees.

According to ABC News, Tampa International Airport started their food truck program in mid-November to service patrons during the holiday season last year. The idea was such a success that the month-long trial was extended through August. The airport rotates between 20 food trucks and has one food truck each day parked in its lot or near its main terminal.

On Thursdays, San Francisco International Airport has two or three trucks serving up diverse foods like Hawaiian fare, Indian dishes and empanadas at the upper level of Terminal 1, according to USA Today.

Many airports have been watching the success that Tampa International, San Francisco International and several other airports have had in joining the food truck trend and may follow suit.

Los Angeles International Airport even has plans to build a food truck-like structure in one of its terminals that will rotate fare from popular food trucks, according to ABC News.

check out the slideshow below for where to find the best airline food.

Image Credit: Kelly Funk