Food Trends for 2013


The Sterling-Rice Group recently announced its predictions for 2013's top ten food trends. The list was compiled by the group's culinary council, which is made up of chefs, restaurateurs and foodies, and it included the following:

  1. Sour Foods -Tart and bitter flavors, such as fermented cherry juice and vinegars will take the stage.

  2. Healthy Dining Out - Chefs will work behind the scenes to make your meals healthier by using ingredients like brown rice and vegetable stock.

  3. Asian Comfort Foods - Thai, Vietnamese and Korean flavors will work their way into traditional American menu items.

  4. Vegetables as Main Dishes - Veggies will take over entrées--options such as cauliflower steaks and squash noodles are becoming more common.

  5. Kid-Friendly Versions of Adult Foods - Kids' menus will focus less on hot dogs and grilled cheese and more on fruits, grains and authentic Asian flavors.

  6. Local Artisans - American artisan shops will become destinations for foodies that used to travel to Europe for exotic flavors.

  7. Individualized Servings - Menus will offer singular servings for perfectly-sized meals.

  8. Savory Fruit - Chefs will be less interested in sugary tastes than in adding savory touches to their recipes.

  9. All-Inclusive Menus - No diner will be left behind as restaurants offer options to accommodate all eaters.

  10. Popcorn - Popcorn will be the snack of 2013--it will pop up in all types of food!

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You don't need to wait for 2013 to try these new and exciting trends! Check out the slideshow above for recipes that incorporate sour flavors, asian comfort foods, vegetables taking over the plate, popcorn and more!