Fitness-Friendly Food Condiments


The quest for the healthiest meals on the planet often leaves you in an additional search...for flavor. While taking the time to combine ingredients in appropriate proportion can leave you with a mouth-watering dish that won't ruin your physique, grilling up a piece of chicken and washing it down with some broccoli can leave your taste buds wanting more. Thankfully there is a plethora of condiments to top your food and give you the taste you desire - salty, sweet, hot, or somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, many of those condiments are also laden with excess fat and calories, defeating the entire purpose of your healthy meal. Read on for some condiments that will give you the taste you deserve while keeping your waistband in check.

*Note: Nutritional facts are estimates. Check the label on your favorites to find out the details on particular brands.

To view seven condiments that will add flavor and not pack on the pounds, Check out the slideshow above!

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