The Fast and Easy Way to Clean Mushrooms

The Fast and Easy Way to Clean Mushrooms

Perfect for omelets, soups, pastas and more, mushrooms contain vitamin D, potassium, selenium and other nutrients. The healthy veggie can make a great addition to so many of your favorite dishes without adding many calories.

You might've heard that it's wrong to wash mushrooms before you cook then. But the truth is that the mushrooms won't absorb the water you're cleaning them in, because they are already 90 percent water. Forget about brushing away the dirt, just drop your mushrooms into a bowl filled with water. Give the mushrooms a turn with your hands and you'll see the dirt falling right off and into the bottom of the bowl.

Remove the mushrooms and place them on a clean towel, and dry them off with a paper towel. (You'll want to do this right before cooking with mushrooms and not several hours before dinner.) You can try this trick on all kinds of mushrooms including oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, portobello and more. However, morel mushrooms have a pretty distinct texture, so it's important to pay a little more attention to them and clean them with a brush.

Did you know that mushrooms keep better in brown bags than they do in plastic ones? Make sure to remove your mushrooms from the grocery store plastic bags and store them in a brown paper bag instead. This helps to release the moisture and keep the veggies from going bad!

Watch the video above to discover the fast and easy way to clean mushrooms.

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