Expert Tip: The One-Handed Egg Crack

Expert Tip: The One-Handed Egg Crack

Have you mastered the one-handed egg crack yet? Whether you've seen the chefs do it on TV or your friend do it while making breakfast, it's the sure sign of someone who knows his or her way around the kitchen.

Pastry chef Emily Luchetti demonstrates the one-handed egg crack technique and shares a few tips. For example, it's important to break the egg shell against a flat surface instead of the rim of a bowl, because it makes a cleaner break and avoids shards. Luchetti also shares where the fingers should be placed on the egg and how they should shift to cleanly break the egg apart into two. The thumb pushes the front half of the egg forward, the middle finger pushes the back half of the shell back and the index finger sits on top to hold the egg steady.

Although there's no actual culinary merit when it comes to the flavors of the dish itself—cracking an egg with two hands yields just as delicious omelets as cracking an egg with one hand—it's hard to argue that the stylish and swift one-handed movement is pretty cool to watch.

Increase your efficiency in the kitchen and impress your friends with this technique for cracking an egg with one hand. Watch the video above to learn how to crack an egg with one hand.

Image Credit: Getty Images