Expert Holiday Entertaining Tips from David Tutera

Expert Holiday Entertaining Tips from David Tutera

We chatted with celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer and style extraordinaire David Tutera, the host of WETV's My Fair Wedding, and what did he tell us? "There's no such thing as the perfect holiday."

"It isn't about being perfect. It's about embracing it and having fun, keeping the process of entertaining simple... It's simply putting the music on, having something to drink and eat: celebrating life." A seemingly imperfect holiday is really what this season is all about. David helped us to see the easier we make entertaining, the more confidence we'll have in inviting people over for the holidays.

For your [im]perfect party's appetizers, David Tutera suggests bite-size appetizers. Sweet and salty snacks are important to serve. He's not a fan of appetizers that are passed out, though. "I don't like when someone puts a plate in my face. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

Right now, David loves kid-friendly food for adults, and he says, "If you have to ask what is it when you look at it, that's not a good thing." If you need to resort to buying store-bought desserts for your holiday party, David says he won't judge. It's all about being ready in advance for your guests to arrive and making sure everyone has a good time.

David also had some great ideas for creative party decor. One of his favorite ideas is to decorate a small Christmas tree with cookies as ornaments. Gingerbread cookies or butter cookies with holes in them can be turned into ornaments hung with ribbon. Then your guests can take the cookies off the tree and eat them. Wrapped cookies that look like large toys are great as favors.

"Mass volume of one thing is the least expensive way to do something." David suggested filling bowls and cylinders around the house with plastic ornaments as a cheap and easy way to make your space look beautiful.

We loved these ideas for holiday parties, but we also couldn't wait to get David's expert opinion on wedding foods!

As far as wedding cakes go, David thinks that "if you're going to have a wedding cake, have a wedding cake." He says a cupcake or donut tower is not a wedding cake. One of things he loves to do is to make the cake the visual focus of the room--and of the whole wedding. He also believes brides and grooms should cut the cake early in the night.

Tune in for quite a surprising season finale of My Fair Wedding Saturday, December 15th at 9pm. We're in for an over the top, misbehaved bride we can't wait to watch! Thanks, David!