Ellie Krieger's 6 Easy Nutrition Fixes

Ellie Krieger's 6 Easy Nutrition Fixes
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Ellie Krieger's 6 Easy Nutrition Fixes

Read on for Ellie Krieger's healthy fixes.

Slow down when eating

Ellie suggests focusing on the positive things you can do rather than just trying to cut foods out of your diet. She has a few other key concepts she focuses on instead. "One is to just slow down, no matter what you are eating," Ellie shares. "I have this continuum. One is famished and 10 is Thanksgiving full. If you stop when you are at a 6 or 7...when you are comfortably content but you could totally eat more, it is amazingly effective."

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Always include fresh produce

Ellie says you should have fresh produce in every meal or snack you eat. "I think about it in terms of color," she says. "I’m going to put some chopped tomatoes in my scrambled eggs. Lunch time? I’m going to add an extra vegetable to this pita. I often use pita bread because you can stuff it with vegetables, so you get a bigger portion and a bigger lunch, instead of a skimpy sandwich with not a lot of calories."

Another way Ellie makes sure she gets more vegetables if she isn't using a pita is to make more room for them—literally. "The other thing I do is scoop bread and cut crusts off. You save around 25 percent of the calories. You can have your sandwich without overdoing the carbs. When you scoop bread, you make more room for veggies," Ellie explains.

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The golden rule of snacking

"I snack on almonds and fruit. I love nuts as a snack," Ellie shares. "One tip I really recommend is portion control. Twenty-three almonds is an ounce, and it fits into one of those little snack bags. I think it is a great idea to make individual portions snack bags. Keep them in your handbag, keep them in your desk drawer and eat them with dried cherries. It is amazing how it really can tide you over."

Ellie explains that it's really important not to eat out of the gigantic bag some snacks come in. "That is a huge golden rule for me: Never eat out of a big bag. It is a complete habit. If you take some, put it in a napkin or a little bowl, and then close up the bag and put it away. If you want more, you are giving yourself an automatic stop and think time. It is incredibly powerful to do that," she says.

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Make filling snacks

Nuts aren't the only smart snack Ellie likes. She also has a few other go-to foods that she can count on to fill her up. "I love a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit for a snack. I find them incredibly fulfilling," she says. "I also do smoothies for snacks. I make a smoothie with a frozen banana, low-fat or non-fat milk and a dollop of peanut butter. It is so delicious and couldn’t be simpler," says Ellie.

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Keep a stocked pantry

"A stocked pantry is really critical to healthy eating when life is crazy," Ellie explains. Some of her essential pantry items include: Greek yogurt, milk, eggs, lots of fruits, almonds, whole wheat pasta, canned tomatoes and low sodium canned beans. Ellie also swears by pre-washed greens like arugula and spinach to make quick salads.

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Eat at the table

"Never eat in front of the TV," Ellie warns. "It comes down to that mindfulness. If you are hungry, sit down and eat something. Maybe that is why I don’t like breakfast in bed," Ellie jokes.

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Registered dietitian, Food Network star and author of Weeknight Wonders, Ellie Krieger is known for her ability to make healthy eating attainable and realistic.

We asked her for her simplest tips to help improve your eating habits. Learn everything from her go-to healthy snacks to the type of food she always includes in meals. These are some of the easiest ways you can learn to eat better.

Check out the slideshow above to learn her simple nutrition fixes.

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