Eggplant Encouragement

Eggplant Encouragement

I am so uninspired by eggplant that I scarcely could believe that the enchanting, chewy, tangy nosh a friend recently served me was eggplant antipasto.

I mean, I should love eggplant. It is purple, picturesque and easy to grow in the backyard. But the often spongy, slimy texture simply isn't worth the weak flavor to spend time growing or cooking it. Or so I thought ... until eggplant antipasto.

I recreated my friend's dish at home with some irresistible Wayward Seed eggplant and ate piece after piece. I served some to another friend and between the two of us and Alex, we cleared the plate in no time.

The lengthy preparation hardly seems worth the quick consumption. First, sliced eggplant must sit in a salt coating to leach out liquid. Then, the cook must squeeze out any remaining water and bake them for a half hour in the oven. Finally, the slices soak in brine for a minimum of four hours.

I would rarely recommend a method that requires so much time and fussiness, but I assure you that even eggplant doubters will enjoy this preparation. It converted me.

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