Easy In-between-Meal Approved Snacks

Easy In-between-Meal Approved Snacks
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Easy In-between-Meal Approved Snacks

Who knew healthy eating could be so delicious?

Popped Popcorn: Smartfood Delight Sea Salt

A "hint of butter" makes this movie night–worthy.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Smartfood.com

Guacamole: Wholly Guacamole Classic

Try their new single-serving packs as an easy afternoon snack (with Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Sea Salt).

Image Credit: Courtesy of EatWholly.com

Fitness Bars: Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

With 7 g of fiber and 6 g of protein, it's a perfect postworkout refuel.

Image Credit: Courtesy of KINDsnacks.com

Salsa: Cedar's Mild Salsa

It tastes "homemade" with "a touch of cilantro and the right dash of heat."

Image Credit: Courtesy of CedarsFoods.com

Potato Chips: Terra Exotic Harvest Sweet Onion Chips

Testers flipped for the crinkled carrots and "hearty flavor."

Image Credit: Courtesy of TerraChips.com

Snack Chips: Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Sea Salt

Because the first ingredient is beans, not corn, these are a higher-fiber option.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Snikkidy.com

Crunchy Granola Bar: Clif Crunch Peanut Butter

They come in two-packs: Crumble one onto your a.m. oatmeal, then snack on the other one in the afternoon.

Image Credit: Courtesy of ClifBar.com

Gluten-Free Cracker: Van's The Perfect 10

The taste is "herby," and "they don't turn to sawdust when you bite into them."

Image Credit: Courtesy of VansFoods.com

Light Beer: Yuengling Light

This landslide winner is brewed longer to reduce sugar without sacrificing taste.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Yuengling.com


By: Phoebe Lapine

Snacking can be tricky, but it can actually help you keep your weight in check.

Check out the slideshow for in-between-meal snacks that will keep your cravings in check until your next meal.

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